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Language Translation Consultancy Services

Language Translation Consultancy Services (LaTraCoS) is an emerging private company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  • Translation Services
  • Trainings of various kinds
  • Consultancy Services
  • Communication,Events and Promotions


As human mind organizes knowledge and skills as an integral domains, we merged translation, trainings, consultancy and communications together in order to give the highest level quality services which is competent in the ongoing dynamic global world.


  • Text Translation
  • Professional Translation
  • Literary Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Administrative Translation
  • Speech Interpretation, Voiceover,Subtitling, and Transcribing services.


  • Language Trainings on (Oromo,Amharic,English,French, Arabic,Chinese and Sign Language)
  • Short-term Trainings Tranings on teaching methodologies and motivation.
  • Short-term trainings on soft skills and life skills.
  • Short-term trainings on computer skills.


  • Researchs
  • Book review and Publishings
  • Projects
  • Content Development


  • Promotions
  • Entertainments
  • Event planning and organizing
  • Media and Advertisment


As an emerging and energetic organization; we have got clients both internationally and nationally with inspiring positive impressions in our service giving and general performances. Among our international clients: ECES,DI,USAID,CRS,QTrans and DATAMUNDI are some to mention. Some of the national clients are: Kuraz International Publisher, GTF, Mersa Media Institute, and The Writing Company. They all have given us high level testimony for quality of our services.

Our Portfolio

We have undertaken tremendous amounts of projects; yet, the following are some of the products and services delivered at exceptional level of performance.

photo of መደመር (Medemer)IDA'AMUU</p


መደመር (Medemer)IDA'AMUU


Ethiopian Election Proclamation

Curriculum Development Module

Soft Skills Curiculum Development for Girls Training

Module Training Manual

Children's Literature in Mother Tongue (MT 223)

Media Training Manual

Mersa Media Training Manual


ODAA Afan Oromo-English-Amharic Dictionary

Oromo Writing System Restoration Project

Certificate of recongnition by the President on Oromo Writing System Restoration Project

Oromo Writing System Restoration Project

Certificate of recongnition by the President on Oromo Writing System Restoration Project




The following evidences are some of the tangible testimonies of the projects and the services we delivered yet.

New Book Release

New book entitled "ICCIITII MILKAA'INA BARATAA CIMAA" is now released for sale.
Order now and claim your high discount.

Our Team

We are a team of diverse linguistic, literary, cultural and professional backgrounds with a very rich experiences. We are on the first line of top-five professionals in the Horn of Africa.

photo of Qulqullu Ejo

Qulqullu Ejo

Chief Executive Officer
photo of Yohanness Beyene

Yohanness Beyene

French Unit Coordinator
photo of Haile Gezae

Haile Gezae

Tigringa Unit Coordinator
photo of Hassen Muhammed

Hassen Muhammed

Arabic Unit Coordinator
photo of Jabessa Hirko

Jabessa Hirko

Chief Financial Officer
photo of Jinenus Geleta

Jinenus Geleta

Afan Oromo Unit Coordinator
photo of Jinenus Geleta

Dukamo Duguna Kie

Af-Sidamu Unit Coordinator
photo of Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali

Afar Unit Coordinator

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6 kilo, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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